An Unexpected Joy

I had seen it in movies and heard about it from friends and family. You listen intently and try to store it in your brain for later. For me, I didn’t know how to respond to it at first. Nothing of what I heard came to mind. All I thought in that moment was, “SERIOUSLY?!?” 🙂 Jonas was gone at work and I was home alone. I sat there and stared knowing from that moment on, our lives will be forever changed. Yes, you got it, we are expecting. An unexpected joy.

We knew for about 6 weeks before we told everybody. 6 weeks and keeping it hush, hush was tough but needed. We were able to process and pull it together alittle bit. We needed that space to just be our little family. Now, as I sit here 3 weeks later, questions, comments, concerns, ideas, poking, looking, and the small squeaks of joy are all around me. Don’t get me wrong, its good to listen and learn from those around me who have been in the world of motherhood. I need to start carrying around a notebook and pen everywhere I go. But to be honest, its overwhelming at times. I am so thankful God has given me 9 months (now 6 months) to prepare. PRAISE JESUS!!

So our journey begins.   I look at the next 6 months with so many emotions, really.  Excitement, fear, joy, worry, many more.  But I embrace the journey and everything that comes with it.

joy in the journey printable

Blessings to you today.