Birthday Getaway!

Last weekend, Jonas and I enjoyed a quick birthday getaway to St. Louis.  We have some dear friends that moved there a couple of years ago and opened their home to us for the weekend.  I don’t know about you, but a short weekend trip can either be stressful and tiresome or relaxing and fulfilling.  It was definitely the later.  Jonas got to choose where we went for food and activities and let me just say, my husband has great taste!  Let me highlight the areas we went to.

Strange Donuts

Now with me being preggers and all I was quite reluctant/giddy about going to this.  I have been craving a blueberry cake donut for weeks now and I thought this was my chance.  As we pulled up to the store, I ran inside with excitement.  I searched and searched for that one perfect warm donut and natta!  These donuts where much more “sophisticated” than my blueberry cake donut. With a small melt down rolling on inside of me, I choose a french toast donut and slowly dragged my feet outside.  Now, I must say that I was able hid all of this from my husband because he still doesn’t know the disappointment I felt over a small donut, but Jonas was in heaven.  He enjoyed it so I sucked it up and smiled on.  If anyone ever goes to St. Louis and wants to try some crazy tasting donuts, try Strange Donuts.  But learn from me don’t expect your simple donuts, your hopes will be left at the door.



St. Louis Basilica

Our second stop was the Basilica.  Small background: I was raised Catholic until College.  I then began going to protestant churches in which I met my husband.  Jonas was raised Southern Baptist and was not fond of the Catholic Church in the beginning.  However after much time in seminary and talking and learning about the Catholic Church, we both have come to have a great respect and honor for the rich history of the catholic church.  Jonas is a history buff and combine that with anything church history, he is in his element.  This basilica has the most beautiful mosaics that I have ever seen.  The ceiling of this church is completely covered with them.  It was absolutely breath taking.  The ceiling looked like it was glittering with gold.    It was wonderful.   Jonas and I could of sat in there for hours.  We treasure places like these.   If you ever get a chance to go, please do.  You will never forget it.



St. Louis Art Museum

First of all, this museum is free!  Second, they have 3 floors of art, from the 1300’s to now.  It amazing.  My favorite piece is below.  Water Lilies by Monet.  This piece took him 25 years to complete and it’s huge!  I sat and stared (yes just like the movies) at this piece of art for a long time.  It was beautiful.  Unfortunately I was not able to go through the entire museum but we will definitely go back!  Jonas and I love art.  He studied art for a couple of years in college and I took a few classes for leisure.  When you learn about art in high school or college, some may tend to zone out or not think about the time and effort that is put into this magnificent pieces. I most definitely did that.  I heard about DaVinci, Picasso, and Monet in my schooling years, but never thought about seeing them in person.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to last weekend.  Monet was definitely my favorite.




Salt and Smoke Restaurant

YUM, YUM, YUM! Best BBQ ever!  I beg you please, go to this place.  You will not regret it!! This place has such a fun atmosphere, great service, and awesome food.  I had the house salad, BBQ Sweet Potato Chips, Jonas’s BBQ, Corn Chowder, and Mac and Cheese.  It was all wonderful.  Our friends, who live in St. Louis, said it was the best in town by far!  So please again tell your friends, try it out!




The birthday weekend was a success.  To top it all off, I made my homemade carrot cake that I make for him every year only for his birthday.  It’s delicious if I do say myself.  Happy Birthday my dear!  Until next year…..

photo (1)


Have a delightful weekend!


A Beautiful Distorted Mess

Ever since the devastating news came out regarding the death of the great Robin Williams, I have been hesitate to write or share about his death and the impact it has had on me as of late.  Now someone might ask, how would it impact me?  Well to be straight to the point it’s the depression and mental illness that has been cursing through my mind and soul.  It’s the many faces that come to the forefront that I know well struggling daily with a mental illness. Now that weeks have past, the conversation surrounding mental illness has dwindled but the millions of people dealing with it increases.  It’s a funny thing when you are processing something or facing something in your life, how the same topic of conversation arises with friends, family, and strangers.  This past week, for instance, was exactly that.

My husband deals with depression and ADD, and has dealt with it from many, many years.  Some people understand and others do not comprehend the effect depression has on someone.  Before my husband, I just thought depression was just someone who was sad or down for a little while.  But I was in for a wake up call.  Depression is so much more than that.  My husband explains it like a dark pit with no hope and no way out. I sometimes feel like I am in the pit with him when he is in that dark place, but I can still see the edge and the light shining in.  I cannot say I know what people who have depression feel like, but I do have the experience of seeing it first hand.  If you know of someone who has it, please please be gracious to them.  They might be unmedicated, they might have no support around them, they might feel so alone that they don’t want to be here anymore.  Depression is real, active, and strong.  Without the right support, guidance, and medication its a dangerous disease.  I am thankful that my husband has found friends, a counselor, and medication that we have had more good days than bad as of late.  It’s a good feeling to see the light in his eyes each day.

So for those of you who want to know more, watch his video below.  My husband found it and explains depression perfectly.  Please pray for those dealing with mental illness.  Depression is just one of the many out there.