A gloomy day calls for……


It’s a gloomy, cool day here in Southern Indiana.  This calls for some of my favorites……….

1) My favorite “Romance” movie of all time: Pride and Prejudice (the newer version, sorry ladies)  Side note, in college one month, I bet this movie played more than 30 times.  Must had been a rough breakup or something. But today is a fine day to pull this baby out and enjoy the love story between Mr. Darcy and Lizzy.   EEKKK, can I go home now?


2) Hot apple cider.  I am usually a coffee fan, however with the little one on the way, I have stayed clear of caffeine.  I am finding enjoyment in my Hot Apple Cider and Wassail as of late.  Not a big fan of hot tea, so I will stick to these two these fall and winter months.


3) My grandmother’s fleece patchwork blanket.  A MUST! She made this blanket when I was in high school and it is probably my favorite.

4) A oversize comfy sweater, ALWAYS!

5) My “beyond words to describe how much I love this smell” candle.  I have three right now in my home (I know obsessive) and the moment I get home, all of them get lit!


Oh, what a relaxing evening this will be.  My poor husband doesn’t know what’s coming when I get home 🙂 Stay warm and dry out there, go home and kick your feet up.  Enjoy this lovely evening.

Much love.


Welcome Fall….it’s good to see you again!

Autumn Subway Art


Fall is in the air, finally.  Yes, let me say that again, FINALLY! The season of Autumn is by far my favorite season of the year.  Everything about it brings a smile to my face.  Apple cider, pumpkins galore, the changing of leaves, bonfires, hayrides, football, yummy pies, a big pot of soup, the smell of corn being picked, everything……amazing.  Jonas and I just had a conversation about this, if we could live in the season of fall all year around we would.

My family loves traditions.  I am so grateful for this.  One tradition that comes to my mind, is pie making.  Each month of the year is a certain type of pie, as we are now in October, its Pecan month.  Next month is Pumpkin! We also love having bonfires and get togethers.  This past weekend, my dad (with my nephew) harvested his “Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin”.  This sucker weighed in at 330 pounds!!  That is “alot” of pumpkin pies!  Though I doubt we actually use it for pie making, it sure is a centerpiece of conversation.





With two months of “wonderfulness” in front of me, I feel excitement and giddiness rising up.  However, my excitement can distract me from the simple things in life. I do not want to race through these months without taking in the small moments that make life wonderful.  For instance, Monday we find out what we will be having, Jonas thinks a girl, and I think its a boy.  We are just thrilled to have a healthy little one.  I want to savor the moment and never forget it.  This small moment among many are what we can overlook and forget about.  The small moments gathered together bring fullness to our lives.  When we stop and pay attention we can see the beauty around us.  That is what I am challenging myself these next two months.  “Pay Attention to the Small Moments of Beauty”.  Will you take the challenge with me?  Will you stop and “smell the roses” if you will?!?

So I start today, ready to embrace the moments.  I wonder what this day will bring…..

Blessings my friends.  Now go eat a Caramel Apple!