every year my husband and i pick a word to represent the year we are about to embark on. we usually take the last two weeks of the year and come up with some ideas. example: peace, faith, rooted, open, boldness, etc.  my husband came up with some pretty good ones this year, though they are not coming to my mind as i am sharing this, typical. while i was praying for this one word, the word kindness came to the forefront and i knew it was it.  i have a 11 month old and i have been catching myself lately on telling her to be kind.  be kind to the dog, be kind to her cousins and babies around, be kind to mom and dad.  if there was one thing that i would want people to know of me or my family is that we are kind people.  kindness  is it, our word for 2016.

have you ever thought about choosing a word for the  year?  we started this about 5 years ago and really enjoy it.  of course we have gotten through half of the year before and had forgotten what word we have chosen.  but we are committed this year, we think.

my own personal goal is doing the whole “random” acts of kindness for others.  i am really going to try to make this a habit for 2016.  what is the saying? do something for 21 days and it will become a habit? well that is that i am going to try. 21 random acts of kindness for others.  i will let you know how it is going as i do them!

want to join me on the fun?