Noonday Collection

do you have that one piece of clothing/jewelry/purse/accessory that you do not leave the house without? think about it? your phone doesn’t count! for me, its earrings. i’m not a big purse nor watch kind of girl or necklace for that matter, but earrings are something that i love. its a simple accessory that can say a lot about your personality. i love big, colorful, classy earrings. you will probably never see me without a pair of earrings on!! plus my little one loves this too!

i want to share with you about a company that i learned about two years ago. its called noonday collection.


here’s what they say about themselves:
We partner with talented artisan entrepreneurs to make a difference in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. By developing artisan businesses through fair trade, we empower them to grow sustainably and to create dignified jobs for people who need them. Together we’re building a flourishing world where children are cherished, women are empowered, people have jobs and we are connected.


as of 2016 they are helping almost 20,000 families in 12 different countries. that’s crazy! each season (spring, summer, fall, winter) they come out with new jewelry that is current with the fashion trends of that season and let me just say i’m in love with this company. now some of the pieces are pricey, but every piece you buy has been hand made by women across the globe and your purchase goes back to provide for the women and their families. how cool is that. i hate going into stores and picking out clothes and thinking, where is my money going to? finding companies like noonday, your money is not being wasted. you are supporting a bigger mission that is providing for people in need. now you may think this is silly, jewelry, how can i spend my money on that? but think about it, every woman wheres at least one piece of jewelry at all times. i get so many compliments on the earrings i own from noonday and i get so excited when i get to tell those about this beautiful company.

Noonday-post fall 2014 collage

interested? they are having a sale right now on some of their pieces here is the link: Noonday 50% Off!

if you want more information let me know. I can guide you to an ambassador near you! no i am not an ambassador of noonday, just of lover of their jewelry and mission.

The practice of giving


everyday i wake up and have this thought “is it morning already?? i just want to go back to sleep” and then i hear one thing that changes everything…..a soft whisper “ma-ma” coming from the monitor. in that small moment all my frustrations, exhaustion, worries, all of me is put to the side and i am reminded that i have a little one that needs me.

i think i face my inner battle of “its about me right now” on a regular basis. the moment when all i want to do is drown everything out and have some alone time.  when i am dead tired and my little girl wants me to play with her toys or read a book and that inner voice saying, “ma-ma is tired i just can’t right now.” ever have that feeling? when you just CANT! its the feeling of guilt that comes flooding in when you just “can’t” but you know deep down, that these moments are so short with your child and you must. when you know that loving them is worth so much more than if i get more sleep or time to myself. the guilt is real people, especially to mamas out there.

i think we are prone to want more for ourselves, to make everything about ourselves. its the inner daily battle of our flesh and the spirit. i had always heard that you never knew how selfish you were until you get married, and that definitely rings true when you have a baby. i am always at war with my flesh telling me that i can’t or that i need this or that. but the spirit of god is waiting there quietly ready to show me that i need the love,  joy,  peace, and comfort that comes when you interact with others and with god. now don’t get me wrong, gentleness to ourselves is completely important, but i am talking about selfishness not self care.

the practice of giving.  this could be giving of things, material items or the giving of oneself. the latter is where i am right now. finding joy in the giving of myself to the other. i wonder if the practice of giving is not just for others but also to god. well, i am actually sure that god desires for us to give ourselves to him in every way. this concept of giving ourselves to god can be confusing, overwhelming, and scary, but of what i know of the nature of god, it is so worth it. he is true, just, caring, and wholeheartedly in love with each of us. when we give, he gives in return. no material things, but so much more.

psalm 51:12 “grant me a willing spirit that i may give myself away.” this is  my cry to the lord. i want to give myself away to bring others joy. i want to give myself away to draw closer to god. i want to have a willing spirit so that fear does not hold me back.

my prayer today is the words of the song that has been stuck in my head ever since sunday at church.

Fall Afresh

Awaken my soul, come awake
To hunger, to seek, to thirst
Awaken first love, come awake
And do as You did at first
Spirit of the Living God come fall afresh on me
Come wake me from my sleep
Blow through the caverns of my soul
Pour in me to overflow,
Spirit come and fill this place
Let Your glory now invade
Spirit come and fill this place
Let Your glory now invade