Back to the beginning….

Back to the beginning, Let’s adjust the lighting, Illuminate the whole thing (lyrics from a song, Bright ones)

This is where I sit, at the beginning of a journey I know I am supposed to venture on but have instead chose to sit on the bench looking down the road of this so called journey.  Having been caught up in my head, I am ever wondering where it might lead or what I might experience along the way. Have you ever felt this way or have ever found yourself in a place of mundane or stuckness? Where you are thinking of everything around but actually not doing anything?  Doing…..that means for me getting off of the bench and start walking.  Walking towards the purpose God has set before me.

As we embark on Holy Week, I find myself balancing the need to control my surroundings, my children (HA), my actions, my decisions with the need to pause, reflect, and focus on the story of Jesus.  Especially this week. The grand tension of meeting our own needs and our need for a savior. I don’t know about you but this day I am choosing to sit at the cross like a little kid sits and listens to a story being told.  With my feet crossed and dialed in to the storyteller, I am leaning into the story of Jesus this week and I hope you will to.

As I start taking the steps on my journey of finding my purpose again, I pray the Father will meet you where you are today and stir in your heart, mind, and spirit whatever it is He wants to reveal to you.  Let’s be open to him friends. Come Holy Spirit.



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