DIY Project Weekend!

What a weekend it has been!  Recently Jonas and I have been finishing up our renovation project in our kitchen.  I will post at a later date the before and after pictures!  Saturday morning I got the itch to paint something, the husband wasn’t to thrilled on the idea, but I put on the charm and he was in!  We made our way to Lowe’s to find the perfect colors!  Now some of you might know this about us, but if you do not, we love color!  We have tons of color in our home!!  I will share  pics one day 🙂  As we we stood in the spray paint isle which seem to be like 20 minutes, we finally settled on a green and yellow.  Excitement was in the air while painting, but then doubt crept in!!! I brought them into the kitchen after drying and thought “NO WAY! Way to bright!”, but after awhile they have grown on me. I think I will distress them a little bit to add some character to them. I will let you know how it goes when I finish!   Here are the painted bar-stools in the kitchen!


Now we didn’t stop there!  Fortunately we didn’t have to paint this next project! As Jonas and I were enjoying our lovely and calm Sunday afternoon, Jonas found, in our  local classifieds, a gorgeous piece of furniture that screamed US!  We love it when we find things that are perfect for our style.  Without hesitation we contacted the lady and it was up for grabs.  We got a steal on this because we didn’t have to do any work on the piece.  NO sanding, NO painting, just clean and decorate! Here it is:

tv stand

Isn’t she lovely!  I smile every time I walk into my living room now!

Oh, What a glorious weekend it has been!